Why should you be eating Organic Food?

Currently, many countries require producers to provide certification, which is based on to market food as organic including the USA, the UK, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Besides, it is necessary to provide better organic food for better health but it should be under the regulations that are provided by international and national organizations. However, Kitchen gardens selling food under government authorities of food safety such as the European Commission, and The US Department of Agriculture.     

Gandhi Jayanti as International Day of Non-Violence

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi. India is celebrating the birthday of Mahatama Gandhi (BAPU) on 2nd October as well as it is also celebrated as an International Day of Non-Violence. Mahatma Gandhi is father of nation of India.

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day celebrates on 27 September, it is a good way to motivate people for travelling. This is the day to celebrate tourism in the whole world. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has celebrated World Tourism Day as international on September 27 since 1980. UNWTO has chosen this date in 1970 that is a milestone in global tourism. 

Celebrating Teachers’ Day In India

A teacher is a personality that makes a huge impact on a student as well as its family and the whole society. Teacher plays a huge role in the development of society, as students are the base of a society and they are dependent on their teachers. I personally say thank you to all my teachers that make my career through their guidance and hard work. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan has started celebrating his birthday as Teacher Day from 05 September 1962.

Hawaii Travel – Travel To Hawaii in 2022

Hawaii is a dream place for many people in this world. It is a beautiful place which must be view once in our life. I wish that I will spend a whole year in Hawaii. It will be a huge success in my life being a traveller. You should know about that place from various sources.

How To Become a Freelancer in 2022

It is a common term in nowadays because many people prefer freelancing. Freelancing is a process in which people are working from different places and connected through the Internet. After COVID-19, most of the companies are hiring freelancers to complete their work. you can join any company that is providing online work for different areas, such as Upwork, freelancers, truelancers, collegedunia, payperhour, and many others.  

Power of Capturing the Moment in Camera

Smartphones are used for capturing different moments of life, which are part of our life. People are using front cameras for taking selfies, which is a new trend in the market. You can upload your capture moment on any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and others. 

COVID-19 Impacts on Education System

The world is facing the third wave of COVID-19 because of new varients Omicron. It is more complicated variants and spreading in the whole world that makes a huge impact on the various industries including the education system. Thus, the government has started precautions to prevent people from these variants and avoid the third wave of this pandemic. Unemployment is increasing because of a lack of education and other processes of studies. However, online classes have started in many countries which are still working in schools and colleges. Besides, Education System has been affected in the last two years. Education system should be protected using online processes for teaching and evaluation. Eductaion system is highly affected from the pandemic as it create a critical condition and lockdown. Therefore, COVID-19 should be controlled using precausions including social distancing, wear mark and stay at home.

How To Become a Technical Writer in 2022

It is a new profession in the industry in which people are sharing their knowledge with graduate and postgraduate students in their technical. A technical writer is a person that provides help in solving technical issues as well as write all the technical concepts in a proper language. In the USA, technical writers are always in high demand. You can use your skills to become a technical writer. 

online earning

Online Earning: The Top 10 Ways to Earn $1000 Per Month

In the last two years, unemployment is increasing day-by-day which makes huge impact on the daily life as well as many other things. Therefore, it is necesaory to improve the ways of earning that can be beneficial to manage additional expences. You can earn uptp$1000 per month from home. It is an easy way to earn money through your knowledege and interest. It is a good way to earn additional $1000 using your free time. I will provide the top 10 ways to earn $1000 plus in a month from your home. 

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