Neom – The First Vertical City in the World

Neom – The First Vertical City in the World

Neom will be the first vertical city in the world. It will develop in Saudi Arabia. This is a vast project in the whole world that is related to a mirrored city. Neom is a most popular project in the field of construction and civil engineering. Besides, it will require more than $50 billion dollars. Moreover, packaging will either be refillable, reusable, recycled or recyclable. Firstly, this is a wonderful project on earth which attracts everyone. Hopefully, the whole team of the NEOM project will complete it as soon as possible. However, it is a complex project in the world as well.

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A Big Project of the World

You should know about this big project in the world. However, it should be used to manage all things in a proper manner. Moreover, it is a huge project on the earth because it will include the latest technologies including Artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energy and others. Further, It will be a dream to visit the earth such as Burj Kahlifa. Further, Neom vertical city is a unique project which is based on renewable energy sources.


Moreover, this city will shine as a straight line from the sky. Besides, it is the best way to use emerging technologies for daily life. This project will include seawater for different needs in Neom. Firstly, the best thing is that every basic service is available within a 5 min walk as well. Neom vertical city is a combination of different geographical regions. It is a big project for the future generation. Besides, Neom will be completed in 2050.

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NEOM: Made to Change

The way of usages of renewable energy sources is ultimate for this project as well. Thus, many investors are interested in this project as well. Moreover, this is a great combination of cognitive technologies and emerging technologies.

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Furthermore, Neom is a Saudi city being built in Tabuk Province in northwestern Saudi Arabia. In addition to that, Neom is planned to incorporate smart city technologies, which are based on the travelling point of view.   The main aim of this city is to function as a tourist destination. Moreover, investors are more excited about this project because it is unique on earth. The site is north of the Red Sea, east of Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba, and south of Jordan.


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Vertical city at Neom

It will be a wonderful city of 170 km in Saudi Arabia. Besides, more than 90 lack people can stay in this city. Moreover, all the power supply will be renewable energy as well. The Line is part of Saudi’s $500 billion Neom mega-city project being built in the country’s Tabuk Province. This is the best way to implement cognitive technologies. Neom is a divisive initiative that’s been beset with controversy from the time it started in Saudi Arabia. Because of this project,  around 20,000 people will be forced to relocate by its construction to avoid causality.

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