How to Create a Free Website

Creation of a free website:

A blogger is a person to describe various things. A free website is a source of information for any business as well as a person all around the world. Many companies are based on websites to manage their business and its operations. After the Pandemic COVID-19, the website is a basic need to manage many works from home. All the services are provided through websites including jobs, bills, daily groceries, education, medicine, and many more things. Thus, you should make a website to manage your business in the present time as well as in the future. In the case of small businesses, free domains can be used to manage their basic needs. However, all the services cannot be provided in the free domain but a few things are really useful. I will discuss which is the best platform for bloggers, especially small-level bloggers.

How to Create a Website

These a blogger can be used at for managing their blogs with different sharing options. I will suggest blogger or other people share their knowledge with the help of blogs Blogger. I am sharing some basic steps to create a website on

Free website

This is a well-known platform for managing blog posts in a good manner. You just required a Gmail account to create a blog on Many people are having their blogs on there are different types of themes available for managing your blogs. However, Some limitations are presented at this portal but its totally free for you.


You can share your blogs at various places including Instagram, google plus, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, and more. you can create your blogs in a few minutes without any coding. It is a source of income as well, as Google AdSense can be connected with this blog.


Free website

A blogger is a free-minded person that provides his or her thoughts to their valuable readers. is a better choice to write your blogs. You can manage all the settings in a panel that is so simple. You can write your blog with the help of an editor as well.



In conclusion, you need an internet connection for blogging, as provides a free website to manage your blogs. I hope you understand my thoughts. So please share your feelings about this post in the comment section. You can subscribe as well for more valuable information in the future.

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