Difference Between Cardiac Muscle and Skeletal Muscle

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Difference between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle

This post will discuss the difference between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle.

difference between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle

Cardiac MusclesSkeletal muscles
FoundCardiac muscles are found in the heart onlySkeletal muscles are attached to the bones of the whole body.
Cardiac muscles are self-stimulant.


these do not a self- stimulant.
It has an intermediate speed of contraction and energy requirementIt has a high speed of contraction and energy requirements.
It is responsible for performing the non–voluntary muscular movement.These are responsible for performing voluntary muscular movements.
These muscles are shorter in length.These muscles are longer in length.
These are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.These are controlled by the somatic nervous system.
Their shape is semi-spindle in the body.Their shape is cylindrical in the body.
These work to pump blood throughout the body.These work to get the body moving such as walking, running, and writing.
Gap junctions are present in these muscles.Gap junctions are absent in these muscles.
These muscles have UninucleatedCell.These muscles have multinucleated cells.
It has dense Endomysium.It has less dense Endomysium.
Their contraction speed is comparatively less.Besides, contraction speed is comparatively fast.
 Its neural contracts occur without stimulation.Its neural contracts occur with stimulation.


These muscles are not bound collectively.These muscles are tightly bound collectively.
It contains fewer T-tubules.These muscles contain more T-tubules.
 These muscles consist branch chain of cells.It consists of long cylindrical cells.

The difference between skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle is a common question in many examinations. Thus, students should know about it. Besides, it is general knowledge as well. People should know about it to develop their physical health as well.

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