COVID 19 booster dose in India

After the number of variants of coronavirus, the COVID booster shot is required to avoid any health issues. I have searched many things at various places about the CORONAVIRUS and I found that it is changing its shape and right now it is having 49 different variants all around the world. COVID delta variant makes a huge issue in the whole world and people are facing critical issues because of this variant and the number of deaths are also increased. A booster dose is available in many countries including the USA, the UK, and many others. Now, Omicron is a new variant of Coronavirus, which is spreading with double intensity all around the world. Thus, every person should register them for vaccination to reduce the rate of spreading COVID-19. Besides, there are many good causes in which people have immunized themselves. Therefore, a COVID booster shot is required to reduce the impacts of different variants of coronavirus. 

COVID-19 Impacts on Education System

The world is facing the third wave of COVID-19 because of new varients Omicron. It is more complicated variants and spreading in the whole world that makes a huge impact on the various industries including the education system. Thus, the government has started precautions to prevent people from these variants and avoid the third wave of this pandemic. Unemployment is increasing because of a lack of education and other processes of studies. However, online classes have started in many countries which are still working in schools and colleges. Besides, Education System has been affected in the last two years. Education system should be protected using online processes for teaching and evaluation. Eductaion system is highly affected from the pandemic as it create a critical condition and lockdown. Therefore, COVID-19 should be controlled using precausions including social distancing, wear mark and stay at home.

COVID-19 New Phase: Omicron

COVID-19 is in a control sitiutaion before few months but new varient makes it more critical. Thus, it should be properly treated to avoid deaths and other health issues. However, it should be manage using vaccination and other protections. Omicron is a new varient of coronavirus that makes a critical issues as well. Omicron had been started since last two months. It makes a huge impact on our health like lungs issues, breathing issues, fever, sore throat, and many others. Therefore, people should stay at home to avoid critical situation of lockdown. Moreover, people should take proper precautions to manage this critical situation of COVID-19. Omicron is taking a worst condition in the whole world but it can be controlled using vaccinations in children as well as rest of the people who are not vaccinated as well. Government should make all the processes in a proper manner. 

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