Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

At, privacy is our main concern for us. We consider all the privacy and security factors of our user’s data and information.  It is our primary responsibility to provide high privacy. We collect all the data and information with the permission of our valuable users and make it safe at our end without sharing it with a third party as well.

The Information We Gather

We gather basic information about our users including their names, addresses, mobile, number and others. All the data will be secure and safe at our end. Besides, we are focused on the data collection and gathering processes that are highly secured using HTTPS.

The Method We Utilize to Gather User’s Information use that data to provide job information to our users. It is a basic process to use saved data for benefit of our users as well.

Why There Is A Need To Collect The Information

We need this data to provide updated information on blogs and jobs as well. This privacy policy is based on the collection of the data as well.

With Whom We Share The Information With

We are highly strict against the practice of selling the personal information of our users to any third parties. However, we are not bound to share the intimate details of our users with the companies which act as an essential part of our service delivery. Besides, this is a good way to secure data as well. This information can be in the form of the name, phone number and address of our users and these companies might include third-party fulfilment contractors, major delivery firms, reputed mail houses, independent review organizations as well as several reliable authorities. We at make sure that these third parties are as severe and concerned as we are to protect the personal information of our users.

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