Cristiano Ronaldo Played For Manchester United

Ronaldo return with two goals in Manchester United, England. He said: “I was very nervous but maybe I didn’t show but I was.” He has shown his presence in the team with the two goals in the match and Manchester United won the match by 4-1 goals. It was a game-changing moment in the team and game. A high level of confidence has developed in the team as well. However, it is a good way to show presence in a team. Teamwork makes a positive vibe to win a match. The fans were happy with the return of the star with a huge victory.  

Surfing on a Bodyboard

Surfing is a different type of sport in which a wave rider rides on the forward of a moving wave. The ocean is the place where a surfer can do this thing. However, it can be possible at various places including artificial wave pools, lakes, and rivers. there are different types of boards that can be used for surfing such as surfboard, paipo, and other crafts. 

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