Celebrating Teachers’ Day In India

A teacher is a personality that makes a huge impact on a student as well as its family and the whole society. Teacher plays a huge role in the development of society, as students are the base of a society and they are dependent on their teachers. I personally say thank you to all my teachers that make my career through their guidance and hard work. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan has started celebrating his birthday as Teacher Day from 05 September 1962.

Christmas – A World Famous Festival

Christmas is a world-famous festival on this planet. People are very to celebrate this festival. It is the most important festival in western countries especially. Besides, there are many changes in the world but festivals are still the same. Moreover, Christman is the most popular festival in most of the countries. I love this festival season with welcoming new year as well. This festival has started in the middle of the December of every year. Christmas has been celebrated on 25 December of every year with full of happiness.  Most beautiful thing is that Santa will come to give wonderful gifts. More than half of the world is celebrating Christmas in a fully cherished environment. There are many ways to celebrate this festival including sweets cake, browny, and many more. Besides,  Churches are full of people on this occasion. Therefore, most of the Christian families are enjoying this festival.